JULY 22nd 2023




Start at sunrise (06.00 A.M.) in Milano, Piazza del Duomo.

Two routes:

MARATHON “Cima Coppi”: Finish at the Passo dello Stelvio, 230 km 3400mt+ elevation 

MARATHON: Finish in Bormio, 208 km 1850 mt. + elevation

From sunrise to sunset with its own pace to reach at 2760 mt. height the world’s most popular Cima Coppi or the famous village of Bormio: a nice, fascinating, hard but not impossible challenge.

Created for long distance fans who will keep, after this event, an unforgettable sensation remaining forever in the hall of fame of cycling events and to enter in the special AWARD REGISTER of the “Sovrano dello Stelvio” (Stelvio King) with the glorious FINISHER medal.

  • SOLO: the participant rides alone
  • TEAM RELAY “SPIRITO DI SQUADRA”: a 3 element – Team (min. age +18), with at least one WOMAN, with a car following the team driven each time by one of the two remaining cyclists of the team itself. Muscular bicycles.
  • TEAM RELAY “E-BIKE SPIRITO DI SQUADRA”: a 3 element – Team (min. age +18), with at least oneWOMAN, with a car following the team driven each time by one of the team components. All three components, two or only one are allowed to participate with an e-bike.

A special Award Register has been introduced for those who have finished, within five years, three times the complete route Marathon Cima Coppi. They will be awarded with a special prize, a personalized parchment, an exclusive T-shirt and their name will be published on a magazine (Bici da Strada or equivalent).

Solidarity between participants is mandatory: if You see someone with any kind of difficulty or problem You stop and help; no pressure, no timing to reach the finish line, no ranking. You don’t risk to be the last, everyone is first!

The participant has no reason to arrive ahead of the others, he is not obliged to overtake the rider in front of him: his only goal is to get to the top, at the Passo dello Stelvio, with determination and only with the power of his legs. He is riding along a country with plenty of culture and history. Alessandro Manzoni (the famous local writer) will observe him at the sunrise from the Resegone (the mountain above Lecco) bringing him to the lakeside, slowly revealing its magnificent colors when the sun goes up. For 100 km, almost half of the total distance, the cyclists will ride on the bike path Sentiero Valtellina where history, culture and outstanding landscapes mix together with an incredible vegetation, all along and crossing several times the majestic Adda river. What a fantastic moment to appreciate the importance of ecological and silent routes for cyclists, always looking for respect during their rides. At finish the rider will receive an applause, a kiss and a medal who will remember him the completion of a magnificent and unique performance, being nominated in the special award register of the Sovrano dello Stelvio (The Stelvio King).

The participants coming from abroad will have the chance to admire the fabulous Region Lombardia. As a matter of fact “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, because you have to sweat in the hills and freewheel down the slopes. This way you remember them as they really are, while in your car only the highest hills remain imprinted on you, and you do not have as accurate a memory of the country you crossed by car as you do while cycling ” (Ernest Hemingway).