The participant has to be considered in a personal free bike-ride, his behavior must follow ethic rules towards persons and objects, to follow the traffic regulations is absolutely mandatory, there is no reason and no circumstance valid to violate them. Therefor, in case, the participant is only responsible of its own behavior in breaching the traffic rules. The participant must wear an adequate cycling clothing and It is compulsory to wear a helmet with closed chinstrap at all times during the entire event, without exception. Each Participant shall ensure that his or her helmet is at all times free from defects and meets the recognized standards and is adapted to fit the Participant’s head. The participant has to provide personally to all the necessary equipments, in order to complete the event, such as front-and rear light, tubes, power bank for the bike GPS computer. The route has no signals, there is no sweep car, no medic and no ambulance.

The rider is eligible to participate only with a valid medical certification which attests that he is allowed to participate to cycle events (no triathlon and/or athletics or other disciplines). Furthermore ha has to show, in case, the valid UCI Amateur License. In any case there is the possibility to subscribe a daily license at a cost of €10,00. The participant will always have his valid personal document with him (Passport or Identity Card).
The participant will also have to subscribe, together with the entry form, a declaration of liability and a disclaimer in original.